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Once they reach school age, we begin encouraging children to fully master the foundations of movement and learn the skills of self-discipline while enjoying their dance and tumbling lessons with their friends.

We teach a wide range of dance and tumbling styles at our studio. New students are always welcome!

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Tumbling dance classes in Casper WY


Always dreamt of flying through the air?

Tumbling classes at Rising Star work are led by several Acrobatic Arts certified instructors. Students first learn basics, and upper-level students focus on power tumbling. All students condition in class as well. Tumbling is a great way for kids to build up their strength and develop skills unlike any other!

Preteens and teens dance classes in Casper WY


Older beginners will love this high-energy class!

Fusion is a great place for preteens and teens who are just starting out in their dance journey. Fusion is a mix of jazz and hip hop technique where students will be exposed to dance in a new and exciting way!

Contemporary dance classes in Casper WY


Explore new movement skills.

Contemporary Dance bridges the gap between jazz and ballet, offering a fluid movement style and encouraging creative thinking through improvisation. This form of dance often shares emotive storylines, encouraging students to express themselves through movements. While it is less ‘rigid’ than ballet, contemporary still requires students to build a strong technical foundation. Upper-level contemporary students study Horton, Bartenieff, and Limone modern technique throughout the course, as well as improvisation and other contemporary exercises. Dancers who enroll in contemporary must also be enrolled in a ballet class.

boys dance classes in Casper WY

Boys’ classes

Tap and Hip Hop just for the dudes.

At Rising Star, we believe that dance is for absolutely everyone. For those boys who are not ready to jump into coed classes, we offer all boys hip hop and tap fusion classes.

Boys will express themselves creatively and learn tap and hip hop techniques in this class. Dancing is a great way to get moving and artistic!

junior high and high school dance classes in Casper WY

Spirit Class

Master the fundamentals

Spirit classes at Rising Star are a great way for students to develop their technical skills for junior high and high school dance teams.

Pre Pointe dance classes in Casper WY


Students build the strength and technique required for taking up pointe during more advanced ballet classes.

musical theatre program in Casper WY

Broadway Bound

Got stars in your eyes?

Our musical theatre program delivers a mix of jazz and contemporary dance skills, with singing intertwined! Students combine their love of song with dance in these energetic and diverse classes. Jump, twirl, and glide to some of Broadway’s most memorable tunes.

Jazz dance classes in Casper WY


Experience the energy of jazz!

Jazz is a high energy style for all ages! Rising Star teachers teach primarily West Coast jazz, with sprinkles of broadway jazz throughout the class. Pre-jazz classes are available for young dancers. Jazz is a great way to get active and learn a classic American-derived dance form!

Ballet dance classes in Casper WY


Ballet is one of the world’s most beautiful and revered art forms.

The Rising Star ballet curriculum is adapted from the Vaganova syllabus. Students who take ballet classes build self-control, body awareness, and self-discipline all while creating beautiful art. We offer pre-ballet classes for the little ones and classes up to ballet VII. Ballet IV and up meet two times a week.

Tap dance classes in Casper WY


Get your toes tapping!

Made popular during the 20th Century, this appealing dance style still has its place in the modern world. The Rising Star tap curriculum is adapted from the Al Gilbert tap syllabus. Learning tap dancing is ideal for those hoping for a career in musical theatre or adults who have always wanted to give it a try. Mastering this style of dance can help with coordination, rhythm, musicality, and agility. Classes are designed to suit your ability and are always enjoyable!

Hip hop dance classes in Casper WY

Hip Hop

Get grooving!

Hip Hop is a great way to get moving to rhythmic music and to develop your attitude! Hip Hop at Rising Star is danced modestly and with high-energy, clean music! Students will skittle and top-rock their way to the Spring recital, where they will showcase their groove!

Cheer dance classes in Casper WY


I’ve got spirit, how about you?

Cheer classes at Rising Star are a great way for students to develop their voice and show their Rising Star enthusiasm! Students in spirit classes work together to stunt and cheer, along with tumbling skills.