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We welcome babies from six months old to our tumbling classes and toddlers from 18 months old to dance lessons at our studio in Casper, WY.

The focus of every session is on movement and fun!

Get to know our studio with a trial class for just $5!


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Dance Classes for Babies and Toddlers in Casper WY

Tiny Star Dance

Let’s get grooving!

Is your little one always bouncing to the beat? Dancers in Tiny Star classes work on interpersonal skills, coordination, and moving with the music. Tiny Star dance classes are a great place to begin your child’s dance journey!

Dance School in Casper Wyoming

Tiny Star Tumbling

Bond with your child and encourage lifelong movement!

Looking for a new and creative way to bond with your child and get moving? Tiny Star classes are the perfect place for you! Parents and their children are led through exercises by our fantastic tumbling instructors. Tiny Star tumblers will learn interpersonal skills, coordination, and basic tumbling skills.

Dancing Stars

Does your child love to twirl?

Dancing Stars classes are the perfect place for those young ones who can’t help but dance! Students in Dancing Stars classes work on interpersonal skills, coordination, and beginning dance technique. Dancing Stars classes include pre-ballet and pre-jazz.