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Rising Star Tumbling and Dance Studio is the leading dance and tumbling institution in Casper, Wyoming.

We have encouraged a widespread love of movement in a positive and inclusive environment since 1983.


Rising Star is the most comprehensive dance and tumbling facility in Casper, Wyoming and is now training its third generation of young dancers.

We have three dance studios and two tumbling studios in our state of the art facility. Students can choose from eleven styles of dance from eighteen months and up and classes for tumblers from six months and up.

Join us to learn tumbling or dance with incredibly well-trained instructors who are passionate about quality education and continue to improve their skills through additional training.

The teachers at Rising Star have a vast range of experience across disciplines. Our collective approach is to share our passion for dance and tumbling while supporting and encouraging all students.

Tumbling & Dance Studios
Weekly Classes



At Rising Star, we believe that each student and family who walks through our doors is a gift.
Our goal at Rising Star, both inside and outside of the classroom, is to leave our students with a sense of accomplishment in their own achievements. This paves the way to building self-efficacy and esteem.
We strive to teach positive body image, correct technique, and foster new friendships. Students as Rising Star leave class each week with important lifelong lessons.


Dodie Hunter-Eskew

Owner and Creative Director Company Director

Miss Dodie grew up tumbling at Ka-Larks and became an accomplished gymnast throughout her youth. There is only one thing that Dodie loves more than dance, and that is working with children.

Michelle Bowden

Tumbling Program Manager, Instructor

Miss Michelle has been part of the Rising Star family since she was two-years-old when she began tumbling.

AJ Campbell

Curriculum and Dance Education Coordinator, Dance Instructor, Company Director, Fine Arts Club Director

Here at Rising Star, AJ Campbell serves as the Curriculum and Education Coordinator, National Honors Society for the Dance Arts (NHSDA) Sponsor.

Aliscia Meyer

Dance and Tumbling instructor, Company Director, Company Coordinator

Miss Aliscia started tumbling with Miss Dorothy at the age of 2. She began dancing with Miss Dodie at the age of 5 and hasn’t stopped moving since!

Rebecca Hebert

Dance Instructor, Ballet Repertoire Director

Rebecca began studying ballet at age 5 with Shirley Lewis in Casper, WY, and later trained at Colorado Ballet, California Ballet, and Salt Creek Ballet.

Heidi Lundberg

Dance Instructor & Company Director

Visual and Performing Arts have always been an essential part of Heidi’s life. From a young age, she took ballet, jazz, and tap lessons.

Jenna Farley

Tumbling Instructor

Jenna had been a Rising Star family member since the age of 3 when she started her first tumbling class, which was followed by many dance classes.

Andrea McLimore

Dance and Tumbling Instructor

Andrea was very fortunate to have danced under the instruction of Shirley Lewis for many years focusing on Ballet. During her childhood, Andrea also participated in some gymnastics, Jazz dance, and Cheerleading.

Cadence Brown

Dance Instructor

Cadence Brown is an IB student and NCDT member at NCHS and a lifetime Rising Star family member! Cadence has been at the studio since she was only nine months old.

Stacy Simco

Tumbling Instructor

Miss Stacy has been part of the Rising Star family for many years, so her transition from student to instructor was seamless and natural.

Kelly Woody

Dance Instructor

Born and raised in Casper, Miss Kelly started tumbling with Miss Dorothy when she was only four-years-old and began taking jazz classes with Mrs. Dodie at the age of seven.

Kierah Dunbar

Dance Instructor

Miss Kierah began dancing at the age of four in Minnesota, and never stopped! She danced her way through high school in Wyoming and was a competitive dancer for three years.

Heather N. Warren

Tumbling Instructor

Heather Warren began her tumbling career with Rising Star at the age of three, and thirty years later she is still thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful family of individuals.

Madi McLimore

Dance Instructor

Madi was born and raised in Casper. She is an Honors graduate from NCHS and is currently working towards her Associates Degree at Casper College.

Aubrey Mailloux

Dance Instructor

Aubrey has been dancing at Rising Star since she was three and assisted classes for several years before becoming a Rising Star staff member.

Aaron Walters

Dance and Tumbling Instructor

Aaron Walters was born and raised in Casper. From a young age, he has harbored a love for anything musical and dance.

Haley George

Dance Instructor

Haley has been dancing for over twenty years; many of them under the tutelage of Heather Marsh-Schieck. She loves jazz, lyrical, hip-hop, ballet, modern, and contemporary, but her favorite is tap!

Rayna E Januska

Dance Instructor

Rayna has been either performing or teaching Ballet for over 30 years and along the way picked up some skills in Tap, Modern, Jazz, Contemporary, and Ballroom.

Traci Ries

Tumbling Instructor

Miss Traci grew up tumbling at Rising Star Tumbling and Dance Studio and started cheerleading her senior year of high school at NCHS.

Jess Burgardt

Dance Instructor

Jess has been dancing since she was 2 and started teaching at Rising Star at only seventeen. She is trained in numerous genres of dance including ballet, jazz, tap, modern, and lyrical.

Leah Huitzacua

Dance Instructor

Leah was born and raised in Boise, Idaho where she received the majority of her dance training. Leah has her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Science from Boise State University

Ashley Burridge

Dance Instructor

Ashley began dancing in 1996, at the age of 2, under the instruction of Cheryl Campbell at Center Stage Dance Studio in Casper. When Center Stage closed its doors in 2003, she then moved to Rocky Mountain School of Dance

Chloe Bowden

Dance & Tumbling Instructor

Chloe is a lifetime Rising Star family member and a valued member of the RS staff.

Anna Hoyt

Tumbling Instructor

Anna is a stellar tumbler and tumbling teacher on the RS staff.

Dorothy Hunter

Moving in the Mornings Instructor

Dorothy founded Rising Star in 1983 and hasn’t stopped moving since

Callisto Bennett

Dance Instructor

Callisto Bennett is a dance instructor at Rising Star and is a Super Star company member! She has been dancing with us since she was 4 years old, starting out in Dancing Stars. She then joined Dance Company at 6 and has been a part of the team ever since.